About Us

Focus Life On Wellness

Our goal is to create a place where our co-workers and clients are feeling like a second home and based overall on well being, healthy-lifestyle and nevertheless on practising sports.

Flow Studio is aiming to meet people’s needs and requirements of each individual who is looking for physical objective, transcendance, health and posture. Our powerful team will assist each of our customers to achieve their personal goals through Private Classes, Duo classes and Groups from 3 until 8/10 people.



Our Mission

We exist to facilitate, inspire and encourage your personal wellness journey. Offering resources and practices that suit your needs, support the development of healthier habits and restore balance to counter the effects of life’s unavoidable stress and fatigue.

Our Vision

Bringing together qualified trainers and wellness experts who offer our customers access to variety of wellness methodologies. We make the pursuit of wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle pleasant and attainable.

Our Values

We value working together while respecting the needs of the individual. We appreciate the courage of all who engage themselves to move beyond their comfort zone. We invest our time and energy to encourage the pursuit of wellbeing in its various aspects.

Inside The Studio