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For your convenience we have two comfortable showers.

You just have to check our schedule & book online via Eversports.

It is appropriate to talk to the instructor about any existing physical conditions and concerns you have about them. Pilates and Yoga has been shown to benefit people who are suffering from chronic pain by helping the body regain its balance between strength and flexibility, movement and awareness. If you are under a doctor’s care for an acute situation, please be sure to discuss taking Yoga or Pilates classes with your doctor.

It is a good idea to come to class hydrated and drink plenty of water after a Yoga or Pilates class. Regarding eating it is best to give your body at least 2 or 3 hours to digest after eating a meal and before attending a Yoga or Pilates class.

Come as often as you can, Yoga and Pilates are good for you and the more you practice, the more benefits you will experience. If you come to class at least 2-3 times a week you will soon see and feel an amazing transformation within and without.

Pilates mainly concentrates on cultivating core strength in the body and lengthening the spine. Also, Pilates is a valuable tool for increasing strength, definition and proper posture. Yoga aims to work the body equally and unite the body with mind and spirit. Yoga is often considered therapeutic when compared to Pilates, as it helps people find harmony and release stress. Yoga has many different styles, but all are generally performed in a group setting on a Yoga mat with the aid of a Yoga instructor. Pilates has a full component of mat work, but it also incorporates work on Pilates Reformer which help build a longer, leaner, dancer-like physique.

Anyone can begin Pilates or Yoga and our instructors love to meet you where you are. In fact, we like it when clients are just beginning their journey in Pilates or Yoga.

Both are fantastic workouts and complement each other. Mat is challenging because you are on your own and have to control and challenge your body with just that, your body and mind. Reformer is a great workout because you have the machine to support you and also the added weight with springs to really work on specific areas of your body and challenge it. People like them for different reasons and it is a personal choice. Doing both is the traditional way of practicing Pilates.

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