Private, semi-private or group Pilates classes
in Luxembourg - Hollerich

The best Pilates classes, whether you are looking for private or group classes, on a Mat or Machines

1:1 - Private classes

Private lessons are the best option for people with injuries or disabilities, people with busy working schedules but also for people looking for a privileged moment for themselves.

During the first session, your teacher will ask you some questions, in order to know you better and define your goals. Depending on your objectives, your daily energy and your wishes, your instructor will guide you and use all the necessary equipment – Mat, Reformer, Wunda Chair etc. Private lessons are objectively the best way to improve your posture, mobility, strength and flexibility.

Contact us to find the best Pilates Instructor regarding your needs and availabilities.

Single class 5 sessions pass 10 sessions pass

Pilates Mat - group classes

Pilates on mat is a challenging and efficient class where you will work on the floor with or without small equipment.In this class, you will focus on fundamental Pilates techniques, and get all the benefits Pilates can bring you: stability, balance, control, breathing, toning and body/mind connection.

Discover our Mat classes:

Pilates Mat – Beginners

New to Pilates? Join our begginer class to learn Pilates principles and Joseph Pilates’ repertoire.

Pilates Mat – all levels

Most of our Mat classes are all levels. In those classes, our teachers will use the Pilates repertoire in very gentle way in order to adapt to everyone’s level.

Pilates Mat – intermediate / advanced

This class is meant for students with a good condition and used to the Pilates method.



Single class 5 sessions pass 10 sessions pass

Pilates on Machines - group classes

Pilates on Machines take place on different equipment like Reformer, Wall-Unit or Wunda Chair.

Once you have learned the Mat repertoire and main Pilates principles, equipment will allow you to go further in your training in the most secure and efficient way. Our classes are given in small group – 3 people max in reformer classes and up to 6 people in Pilates on Machines classes.

Single class 5 sessions pass 10 sessions pass